About Me

When I started my career in the healthcare industry, I found myself working in a variety of positions - all revolving around computers. I used a wide range of programs and technologies and this sparked my interest to learn more about software development. I finally feel that I am pursuing something I love - solving puzzles and continuing to learn.

Technologies Used:

Front End Capstone

Sharing is Caring

A clothes swapping app where friends can swap their clothes for free. Each user has their own closet where they can upload their clothes and leave a detailed description, edit, and delete. The user can view other friends closets and send a notification to that friend if they are interested in that item.

Backend Capstone

Plant Life

I built this application to help new gardeners and inexperienced gardeners to keep track of their plants and their plants health. Users will be able to add their own plants or pick from a list of plants in the succulent family to add to their list. Users can upload images of their plants and track their plants watering needs by using the calendar.

Get In Touch

I am currently seeking full-time employement. Please feel free to contact me via phone or email.